As much as good e-commerce software is the backbone of your online shop, you need to know that there are some things that you have to handle separately. First, you should understand that your e-commerce platform only makes doing business online possible. It is, therefore, your responsibility as the entrepreneur to make sure that other components of your online business activity run smoothly. Some of the things that your e-commerce software cannot handle for you include;

  • Offering quality products

It’s your responsibility to ensure your customers get the best quality products from your website. If you are outsourcing these products, you have to ensure that they are up to the required standards. You might have the perfect online shop set up, but a bad quality product can diminish your business. That is because online shoppers are always ready to express their disappointment on social media and forums. The results of such a step can be risky for you.

  • Offer good customer care services

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your customer care team is on standby to assist customers with any queries. Online shoppers like it when they get a fast response from a site that they want to shop from. The moment you take too much time to answer, you will find the customer has already moved to another site. Excellent customer care services are a plus for your business reputation because it will make your customers to feel important and valued. A swift response to your customers’ queries will make you sell more.

  • Marketing your business on your behalf

Platforms like Shopify are known to have social media and SEO tools that can be used for online marketing purposes. As much as that is true, it does not mean that the software will market your business as long as you have these tools installed. You have to play your part in getting content for your site and social media pages. It is also important to know that website content can be purchased; that is if you are not conversant with how to create them by yourself.


As much as platforms like Shopify seem like everything you want from e-commerce software, you should know that there are other things that you must handle by yourself before introducing them to your site. You should know that social media marketing and SEO tools will only work after you get the right content.

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