Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Shopify Plus Scalable Software

The shopping cart abandonment problem affects small and large businesses! Here is how to reduce shopping cart abandonment with Shopify Plus scalable software!

According to one research, 77.3% of online retail orders were abandoned instead of completing shopping transaction. This is a huge problem for both small and large businesses and business owners are looking for a strategy to solve this problem.

You need to think about all the people who visit your website. Some of these people are random, some prefer window shopping, and some will never purchase. Those who add something to their shopping cart and come to the checkout phase means they are motivated and they like your products. The ultimate question is if the checkout is easy to do, what made these customers lose the motivation.

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There are 3 possible reasons why they may lose motivation:

  • They fail to build trust and credibility
  • They fail to reduce fear
  • They fail to augment benefits

Although you can speculate as to how you might improve in these areas, you want to really understand your shoppers and get real feedback.

In this article, we will show you how can you reduce shopping cart abandonment with Shopify Plus scalable software:

  • Get rid of checkout fears: You may think that fear seems like an exaggeration, however, you need to understand what’s going in visitor’s mind during the final moments before completing the order – Why does the website need my number? Can I trust this store with my credit card details? Is my personal information secure? You need to understand that it doesn’t matter that you are one of the best, secure, and safe places to purchase goods online. Each of the questions come with anxiety which is common for online shoppers.

There are a few methods to use to minimize the cart abandonment problems. Once a visitor comes to your site for the first time, he should see a pop-up saying that if he enters his email address, he will receive a special offer. The visitor will add the email and automatically activate 10% or 15% off the first purchase. If you really want to discover more about the checkout process, there are a few tools you can use such as Inspectlet and Qualaroo to collect feedback and see how visitors interact with the checkout.

    • Build trust and credibility: Enterprise ecommerce solution Shopify helps you constantly build trust through the website experience and reinforce your reliability where a visitor has to make a decision to progress. When it comes to building trust and credibility, there are a few things you need to consider adopting: professional branding, prototypical design, clear shipping policies, fast load times, intuitive navigation, testimonials and reviews, easy to locate contact details, and recognizable brands.
      • Share benefits throughout the checkout process: Does your site reinforce the reasons why it is amazing doing business with you? You need to be clear about what the customers are purchasing and how much of the cost goes to shipping. If the shipping is free, don’t hesitate to remind your customers. It is best if the free shipping message is shown when the customer selects the shipping method.

Reducing shopping cart abandonment is not impossible. There are a few tactics and strategies you can use to boost your sales. The 3 tips we just presented are great for encouraging customers to complete the order and pay for the products they want.

By understanding what do customers want and by being active in finding ways to increase trust and reduce fears you might get more people moving from the checkout phase to becoming actual shoppers.